• Category :Digital Marketing
  • Date :Jan 2019 - Now
  • Client :The Office Hub

Project Brief:

The Office Hub is a chic and functional 8,000 square foot co-working space in the heart of downtown Shreveport. It’s a hub for start-up and existing businesses. It’s actually where we’re headquartered. They have beautiful conference rooms, chat rooms, dedicated desks, and flex desks.


The Office Hub wanted to increase memberships by promoting brand awareness, running ad campaigns, and creating a marketing funnel that retained members. The first plan of action was to implement a full client relationship management program that was able to keep track of the clients, accounts, and leads. The CRM serves as the foundation for all the marketing activities. We then automated client follow ups and configured the website, social media accounts, and lead magnets to push contact information to the CRM. We then kicked into phase two of the project: content. We created blogs, social media post, and two video series that focused on entrepreneurship. The heavy focus on content allowed The Office Hub to increase exposure while decreasing the cost to reach people. The extended exposure pushed brand awareness, added to the CRM, and add to The Office Hub’s bottom line.

  • Managed Social Media Accounts
  • Created Ad Campaigns
  • Started Two Video Series
  • Implemented CRM System ​
  • Created Lead Magnets
  • Email Marketing
  • Decreased Cost Per Lead
  • Increased Membership​
  • Decreased Cost Per Acquisition ​